RFTA: Assists Domestic Violence Victims In Severing The Legal Ties That Bind Them To An Abusive Relationship

If the legal system does not recognize that someone has left an abusive relationship how can they ever truly be free?

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RFTA is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization

Legal Assistance

Representing people leaving abusive relationships in matters such as custody and divorce


Facilitating a person’s fears and needs to their attorney as they navigates the legal process  and faces their abuser in court

Court Companions

Alleviating court room fears by providing emotional companionship for court dates.






If a person is fighting for their life, they shouldn’t have to fight alone.

The only nonprofit in the Chicagoland suburbs focused solely on the civil legal needs  of abuse victims.

“Why didn’t she just leave?” they all ask. She didn’t leave, because she couldn’t. She didn’t leave because she had two children the law said she couldn’t kidnap, and no money for an attorney to help her gain sole custody. She couldn’t leave because she had no daycare to allow her to get a job, and she had no daycare because she had no job to pay for it. She had no family to take her in, and there was no available space at the shelter. She didn’t leave, because she couldn’t.
She stayed, until the day he beat her baby, and walked out on her. She stayed, until they almost died. And then she got back up on her feet, picked up her life, and founded RFTA, because no one should have to stay, simply because they can’t afford to leave. No one.
Our Company Mission
The RFTA Philosophy